South Windermere

South Windermere is a subdivsion in West Ashley

Windermere also known as "Old Windermere," and South Windermere homes, new and old, are close to Downtown Charleston. The Windermere neighborhoods are often confused as part of Byrnes Down, Wappoo Heights, and The Crescent because most homes built in the Ashley River District have connecting roads like Windermere Boulevard, Charlestowne Road, Locke Lane, and Chadwick Drive. As a rule of thumb, homes in Windermere and South Windermere have more square footage and larger yards than Byrnes Down.

Bordered by Folly Road and Savannah Highway (Highway 17 South), the best known Windermere landmark is South Windermere Shopping Center.

South Windermere real estate has maintained the look and feel of this 1930’s to 1950’s era neighborhood. Cottage-like one and two-story brick homes along Chadwick Drive, Tarleton Drive and Charlestowne Road exemplify original South Windermere homes. New townhouses on Windermere Boulevard reveal a harmonious merge of new construction in an historic West Ashley neighborhood.

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