Crowfield Plantation

Crowfield Plantation is located in Goose Creek.

Crowfield Plantation is a planned community consisting of varied types of residential properties, commercial development, parks, recreation amenities, and leisure trails. Crowfield Plantation initially consisted of 382 acres, which was developed as several residential subdivisions and also included commercial areas. But, prior to becoming home to thousands of families, Crowfield was home to a large plantation with an interesting history and the ruins still stand on the Plantation today.

Crowfield is a wonderful neighborhood of about 3,000 homes that features a golf-course, tennis courts, several swimming pools and miles of walking trails, offering a great retreat for the outdoor enthusiast. The regime is well-run with very low annual fees. In fact, Crowfield is undoubtedly one of the most (if not THE MOST) popular neighborhood in the North area of the Tri-County. You'll love it here.

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