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Charleston Foreclosure Alternative: The Short Sale

Mon, Nov 1st 2010 5:43 pm by Donald Russell Short Sales

A short sale is far from hassle-free, but it’s a better alternative than foreclosure.

And now you’ve got a little help from your friends in D.C. Here are the facts about short sales and how to get started.


Yard sign at home up for short sale


After a short sale, you may qualify for a loan again in two years--quicker than you could with a foreclosure in your past.

Facing foreclosure and tempted to stay in your home until the bank pulls it out from under you? Bad idea. Don’t do it. A much more graceful exit is a short sale, an agreement between you and your lender to sell your home for less than you owe. Although there’s no guaran...

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Don't let pet odors derail your Charleston home sale!!

Sat, Oct 30th 2010 3:20 am by Donald Russell Seller Info

Don’t let pet odors derail your home sale.




Open the windows while you're cleaning to help air circulate and eliminate bad odors.

Having pet odors inside your home can turn off potential home buyers and keep your home from selling. Ask your real estate agent for an honest opinion about whether your home has a pet smell.

If your agent holds her nose, here’s how to get rid of the smell:


Open Windows


Air your house out. While you’re cleaning, throw open all the windows in your home to allow fresh air to circulate and sweep out unpleasant scents.


Lunch at Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston

Tue, Oct 26th 2010 2:10 pm by Donald Russell Restaurant Reviews

Donald, Jeremy, and Shawn ate lunch today at Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston.  We were joined by fellow agents Lindsey Michael, Becky Johnston, Currie McCullough, and Krystal Martin. 

Taco Boy is a very festive and vibrant Mexican Restaurant featuring fabulous tacos, quesadillas, and large assortment of margaritas!!!! They also have a Habenero Tequilla made in house!


 Taco Boy Restaurant Charleston














Donald ate about 5 lbs of chips and enjoyed the shrimp quesadillas while Jeremy and Shawn devoured a wide selection of tacos including: fish, shrimp, chicken, and steak.  We highly recommend Taco Boy  when you are in ...

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How to buy a bank owned property in Charleston, SC!! (Series #1)

Mon, Oct 25th 2010 12:24 pm by Donald Russell Buyer Info

Whether you are a first time investor, looking for a great deal on a primary residence, or a seasoned real estate investor…this may help.


Charleston Foreclosures




First of all...for those of you that don't know a bank owned property, foreclosure, or REO are all pretty much the same thing. (REO-Real Estate Owned) Typically, an owner in arrears on their mortgage payment defaults on their mortgage and goes into foreclosure. The bank takes this property to the county courthouse steps and try’s to auction it off to the highest bidder...that is, as long as the highest bidder bids more than the reserve the bank has set for the property...which typically doe...

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Today's buyers save well into the future

Sun, Oct 24th 2010 9:45 am by Donald Russell General

In today’s economy, many factors influence the decision to buy a home – job status, financial ability, and family considerations among them. But one of the main reasons to consider becoming a homeowner in the current market is the affordability factor, which will benefit today’s buyers for many years to come. Some experts say that "NOW" is the best time to buy a home in our history due to low interest rates coupled with the over supply of housing inventory.

To put this into perspective, a buyer who purchased a median-priced home five years ago with an FHA mortgage and a  3 percent downpayment would have a monthly mortgage payment of $1,650.00. With today’s interest rates and median home ...

30-Year Mortgage Rates Plumb New Depths

Mon, Oct 18th 2010 10:28 am by Donald Russell General

30-Year Mortgage Rates Plumb New Depths
Freddie Mac reports that the average interest on 30-year fixed mortgages slipped to an all-time low, for the third consecutive week, to 4.19 percent.

At the same time, 15-year fixed-rate loans and the five-year adjustable-mortgage rate both also hit record lows. Rates on the former were 3.62 percent, while the latter averaged just 3.47 percent.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Nathan Becker (10/15/10)

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Should you sell now or wait 6 months to a year?

Thu, Oct 14th 2010 5:17 pm by Donald Russell General

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to a prospective listing client regarding the value of her home now and in years to come:

Hey XXXX...It is really easy to pull comps for your place. There are others for sale and some that have sold that are almost identical to yours.
(These are all 3 beds and 2 baths built in 2003-2004)
Currently for sale:
                           Square ft     Price
5043 Westview        1240       133,900
5052 Westview        1182       135,000
5047 Westview        1240       130,000
5097 Westview        1269       135,500
4093 Napoleon        1260       130,000
5054 Westview        1240       130,500
A portion of this email has been deleted for blog use
Based on...

New Short Sale Tab on our website

Sun, Oct 10th 2010 9:33 pm by Donald Russell Short Sales

Please check out a list of short sale homes for sale in the Charleston area that we now have active on our website.  Visit and click on the short sale tab at the top then select the area you are interested in. 

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Chucktown Homes Team

Wed, Jul 28th 2010 12:30 pm by Donald Russell General

Chucktown Homes offers our clients a complete range of services including:

Residential Sales on New or Resale Homes, and Vacant Lots

Short Sales and Bank Owned Properties

We have teams that specialize in Buyers and Sellers so you can be assured that you have a highly trained dedicated sales professional with very high standards, trust and integrity every step of the way.

We promote your home every chance we get by using an 888# on the sign, print advertising in The Real Estate Book and Homes and Land as well as listing your property on over 13 different websites and the Charleston Trident Multiple Listing Service.   

We take great pride in providing the most reliable, up-to-date info...

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Short Sales and Foreclosures

Fri, Jul 23rd 2010 3:15 pm by Donald Russell General

FREE list of Short Sales and Foreclosures!!

1-888-210-3348  (Fax or email report)

Charleston County X.600

Berkeley County X.700

Dorchester County X.800

Jeremy 843-478-8532

Donald 843-478-5015 

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New Website

Sun, May 2nd 2010 2:58 pm by Donald Russell General

Welcome to our new website... We've changed our website to better serve our clients with a better more user friendly way to search the MLS.  Please give us feedback so we can continue to improve our services.


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Seabrook & Kiawah Ready for Next Big Hurricane?

Tue, Aug 4th 2009 11:41 am by Donald Russell General



 Hurricane Hugo

While government continues to make the tax code seemingly impossible for the average citizen to understand, homeowners continue to discover how to manipulate exemptions and deductions to leverage their home investment. One 2007 tax law change, that I’ll bet few take advantage of is the catastrophe savings account deduction.

Kiawah and Seabrook residents are all too familiar with the outrageous expense of homeowners insurance (sometimes not even available), earthquake insurance, flood insurance, and wind and hail insurance. Many of my neighbors on Seabrook are surely “flying naked”,  (no insurance) as a result of this enormous expense and diffic...

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Rosebank battles Real Estate Agents

Sat, Aug 1st 2009 11:34 am by Donald Russell General
 Mackenzie & Redfish



Last summer, my father in law (Chris) was fishing during high tide in the salt water marsh on Seabrook when a surly looking man rode by in a boat. He asked if Chris had caught anything. It seems that fishing in the marsh- just off of six ladies trail- is either hot or cold. Some days the red drum (and sea rays) will jump into your lap and some days you can’t get even a nibble. This was one of those “no bites” days, Chris replied that he wasn’t having any luck. The man said “Try one of these”, and kindly threw him a shrimp. Chris asked him where he got the shrimp. The man replied “Up at Rosebank Farms, ” and motored off.


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Coming Down Easier Than Going Up!

Tue, Apr 7th 2009 11:44 am by Donald Russell General

Showing our community pride in true Charlestonian fashion, I decided to enter ourselves in last week’s Cooper River Bridge Run. I have never run any sort of race before, so naturally I began training about a month before. Seabrook Island commissioned a tour bus to transport residents to the event, but we decided to drive ourselves so we could have more freedom after the race. Race Day came very early in the morning since we would need almost an hour to get downtown. We planned to park at the Aquarium, but were greeted with squadrons of police officers blocking off streets. Anticipating a sweaty run- I was sporting shorts and a T-shirt, boy was it chilly as we boarded the school buses down...

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